The 4 Biggest Decisions for the Self Builder

Are you looking to self-build a dream home?

Where we live is important, our home is the creative expression of our life and experience. It is a place of safety and security, where we share our intimate thoughts and feelings with friends and family.

Building a home takes this to another level and is often the start of a new chapter. It is the ultimate new beginning, however, It is also a journey of decisions. From the moment you start thinking about this new space the decision tree begins.

Are you a decisive person?

If there’s one thing that shocks everyone looking to build a home is the decision process. In Michele Powles Blog “Building your own house.” She describes the decision-making process as;

“A million paper cuts, that is the number of decisions you’ll have to make when building a new home, it will eventually get under your skin.”

She goes on to say

“The thing that has struck me during this process is just how early many of the decisions come up. I understood, of course, that I’d needed to pick the colour of the roof and the type of cladding very early on, but I hadn’t really thought through that we’d need to know the type of tap-ware, door handles, showers, even what sort of banister we wanted, months (and months and months) before they would actually appear in the build.”

It is a good article describing their journey of self-building. There is a link to it at the bottom of the page. Nevertheless, the self-build journey is a great adventure, it’s a home just for you and yours. The point is you must get good at making decisions and sticking with them. 

The biggest 4 decisions for the self-builder

Finance, buying land, design and build. But there is a fifth and that is ENERGY!

For your new home to be comfortable and economical to run energy use is a primary consideration.

Heating systems are not sexy, but your new home will need heat, light and hot water. How that is provided with the most efficient technology has changed in the last few years.

Once the choice was wood/coal, oil, gas or electric. While the essential fuels have not change the technology that brings them into your home has.



We are in the age of renewables

The big news in heating is air source heat pumps. This amazing technology draws heat from the outside air to provide hot water and heating in your home.

These systems provide an efficient heating solution that is cost effective on its own. However used in conjunction with other renewable technologies like solar panels or active ventilation huge energy savings are possible.

Get early advice to help with your energy decisions

At GMRL we like to advise early in the building process so that you have the maximum flexibility in a system that will work for your project now and into the future.

We with many of our customers we develop staged solutions. Our process allows for the addition of new technologies as grants, or other funding becomes available.

So if you are in the planning stage of a new home get in touch with green Moray Renewables I’m sure we can come up with innovative solutions to meet your heating and energy needs now and into the future. Use the contact form below and see what is possible for your dream home. 



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