Trump Could not Stop Renewables at Meet the Manufacturers

Gosh, where are my weeks going did my week go? is it nearly two weeks since we¬†were enjoying the sunshine at Brodie Castle, at “Meet the Manufacturers”

Meet the Manufacturers


Meet the Manufacturers

Did you get to see us? We could not have asked for a better day at Brodie. I must say a big special thanks to all that made the ‘meet the manufacturers’ event on the 26th such a success.

This event was about making connections and sharing knowledge. At GMRL we are so passionate about our business and the positive effect that our industry is having in the UK and across the world.

We believe renewable energy is unstoppable.

Despite all the opposition from national and international politics (Trump), the negative lobbying from vested interest, plus the mixed messages regarding funding. We believe renewable energy is unstoppable. The engineers and creative thinkers have brought technology to the market that is truly groundbreaking.

Meet the Manufacturers


Bringing sustainable homes into reality.

With this technology comes the opportunity to live in homes that are, well ventilated and free of damp, warm, comfortable, well designed and energy efficient. Is not a dream for the few, but is a reality for the many.

The ‘meet the manufacturers’ event comes out of our desire to share knowledge and expertise. All of the companies represented are part of our team bringing the vision of the sustainable homes into reality.


Great Conversation with like minds

While this all sounds very grand, it was much more down to earth. On the hottest day of the year, ten tables in the grounds of The Stables at Brodie Castle, a few banners and lots of cake, but what great conversations we had.

We met people looking to build or renovate a home, local land owners and builders looking to do the same on a bigger scale. All with a share passion and interest to discover what is possible.

Sorry if you missed our event, If you have a project or would like to know what is possible for your home. Give us a call or come and see us.

Best Wishes

Sharon Meacher

01309 675595

PS. Did you see “The Great Villiage Green Crusade” on BBC4 how one small village will generate its own power? Great programme with the guy from Red Dwarf worth the time.


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