MFR Highland Home Show

MFR Highland Home Show will be an excellent opportunity for those in and
around the Inverness area to discover what is available to them
from local businesses in the region.

There’ll be everything from New Build Homes to Conservatories,
Garden Furniture to Finance – all under one roof.

Admission is free

There will be some great discounts available and competitions to enter on the day.

Have you thought about the energy use in your home or business?

  •  Are your energy bills going up or down?
  • Do you have an old oil or gas boiler?
  • More important are you warm enough during the long highland winters?

At Green Moray Renewables we have technology and expertise to revolutionise how you use energy in your home or business.

Solar PV

The shift in this technology over the last few years has been groundbreaking regarding the increased energy output using fewer panels, and the advances in battery technology to store electricity for when the sun does not shine.

Solar thermal

The original solar collection was all about generating hot water, we have seen amazing efficiencies. With customers getting free hot water from March to the end of September. The renewable heat initiative has seen our customers paid for the hot water that they product.  For hotels and B&Bs, this is an investment that pays for itself.

Air source heat pumps

The heat pump is sort of energy for nothing; Originally these systems require ground pipes or boreholes. But again advances in technology means that heat can be taken from the air even when it is cold outside. The heat pump is effectively a refrigerator working in reverse. Electricity is used to power a compressor this draws heat from the outside air to warm your home.

Due to the heat pump process, three time more energy come out than is put in.

Traditional electric heating can be an expensive option. Using a heat pump reduces that cost by 2/3rds. This makes air source heat pumps a competitive solution when replacing an old oil fired boiler.

BioMass boilers and systems

Everybody love to see an open fire, but few appreciate how inefficient they are when it come to heating the home.  Modern stoves and biomass boilers are revolutionary in terms of efficiency.

The new pellet or wood chip boilers are clean smart and offer a modern use of a traditional fuel to heat your home or business.

Examples and Experts

At MFR Highland Home Show we will have examples of our technologies and a team of experts to answer your questions. Renewables do not have to be expensive, and in many projects, there is funding or interest-free loans; It is about looking at the whole picture and planning for the future.

We hope to see you there.